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Savannah's Story

Eight years ago, my granddaughter Savannah, was born with what is called VACTERAL Association. It’s a series of birth defects that are often recognized together. We knew before birth that there were some complications, but we were not sure to what extent. After birth she was officially diagnosed with having a tethered spinal cord, hydronephrosis of the left kidney, and an imperforated anus. Within 12 hours of being born, Savannah endured her first surgery to insert a colostomy bag.

Throughout her first year of life, she endured several more surgeries in to fix the tethered spine and to begin the process of a more permanent solution for her bowels. Before she attended preschool, she would undergo her final series of surgeries, to finish the process that was started at birth.


There are not enough words to express the gratitude that we owe the doctors, nurses, and staff of Riley Children’s Hospital. From the moment we stepped onto their campus, we were treated with kindness and respect every step of the way. We were so fortunate to work with the best that Riley had to offer in their urology department, and we are lucky to also call her former urologist a very close family friend. Even though he has moved to a different hospital, he still maintains contact with us, and is there for us whenever we need him. Riley Children’s Hospital has given us an exceptional experience and we are comforted knowing they will be with Savannah for the rest of her life.

She is now a happy, healthy, 8-year-old getting ready to enter the 3rd grade this coming school year. She loves horses, gymnastics, playing with her sisters and friends, and eating donuts and milk every day for breakfast! We continue to have checkups with her urologist to ensure her health, and she is currently beginning to learn how to do some of her daily routines on her own.


5% of my net profits will be donated to Riley Children's Hospital and 5% to the charity of my clients choice. Together we can do more!

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